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The Six Step Future Ready Communities Model

At the heart of the ResilientCo Six-Step Future Ready Communities Model is a commitment to empowering communities, assisting them to influence their own destinies, and ensuring that communities will be better equipped to deal with the most challenging circumstances.

It is a community engagement approach designed to support the true meaning of community-led resilience building.

The approach sets a pathway to build resilience characteristics and resilient solutions within communities. Each of the steps within the ResilientCo Six-Step Future Ready Communities Model are designed to unpack community aspirations, unimpeded in the early stages by traditional constrained thinking (for example, financial, legal, political).

The steps include

  • Foundations

  • Deep Dive

  • Field of Opportunities

  • Partner

  • Implementation

  • Review/Evolve/Close

The principles and environments within the Minderoo Resilient Communities Framework anchor the Model. They are designed to holistically guide practitioners, community leaders, government officials and funders in their work within communities.

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