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At ResilientCo, we provide various training and exercise options tailored to enhance the abilities and potential of our clients and partners. Our packages are designed to be interactive and enjoyable, and we can customise them to meet the specific requirements of your organisation

Community Resilience Training

Discover how to effectively engage and empower communities to adapt, survive, and thrive towards a resilient future with our comprehensive training program. This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to support their community in building resilience.


Our three-day training course includes both online (2 half-day sessions) and in-person (2 full-day sessions) components and is available in all States and Territories across Australia.


To learn more visit the Community Resilience Practitioner Training page. 

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Executive Consequence and Crisis Management  

Our team of skilled trainers offer comprehensive emergency and crisis management training to executive teams through two 2.5 hour sessions. The training covers the role that executives must play, best practices, and realistic expectations. Our trainers use real-life examples and case studies to explore executive capacity and conduct scenario-based exercises to test assumptions and structures.

Crisis Leadership for Councillors in Local Government

Mayors and Councillors will participate in two 2.5-hour sessions to receive training on emergency management. The sessions will cover the responsibilities of local government and elected officials in emergency situations. Expert trainers will use real-life case studies and personal experiences to provide a practical overview, highlighting potential challenges that Mayors and Councillors may encounter.

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We offer customised and interactive exercises that are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our team works closely with the client organisation to identify the objectives and ensure an inclusive approach.


We help assess the client's requirements to streamline the focus of the exercise. For instance, our exercises can help explore the organisation's ability to handle emergencies, crises, or incidents that disrupt business operations. We can also conduct exercises that test the intersections of all three scenarios or provide an opportunity to embed or assure existing planning on specific functions.

Proven Success!

Learn more about Exercise White Claw which provided an opportunity for education and awareness as well as challenging assumptions through an all-in exercise.  

Discover more about a local government exercise that identified an emergency event impacting emergency management, business continuity and crisis level functions.

Grow Your Capabilities

As a part of our services, we can create a training and exercise calendar to enhance an organisation's capacity and capability

Learn more about the team:


For more information and for a chat about what we can provide, contact the team on or 1300 955 428.

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