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A nation-wide program to build strong and


Moving beyond disaster preparation. Helping communities unlock their own challenge-readiness.

The Resilience Canopy is on a mission to advance community-led resilience in a new way.


Communities know their challenges better than anyone else.  With the right skills, connections, resources and support, they have the greatest chance of withstanding and adapting to disruptions like natural hazards and societal stressors.  

Powered by the Minderoo Foundation, together with ResilientCo and the Resilient Cities Catalyst, The Resilience Canopy will be delivered side by side with communities and partners, growing to reach a target of 2000 practitioners and 500 resilient communities by 2030.

The Resilience Canopy is more than just a program for today.

It's a resilience building movement, creating a ripple effect of change embedded in communities across Australia for many generations to come.

We’re developing multiple pathways to strengthen Australia’s resilience.

Train With Us

Become a Canopy Collective Community Resilience Practitioner.

Learn the skills to engage and empower communities to adapt, survive and thrive and lead their own resilient futures, using our proven  6 Step Framework and engagement model.

This is a four-session (2 half days online and 2 full days in person), deep-dive training program for anyone wanting to support their community on a journey towards a more resilient future.

Upcoming Dates 2023
Location (State)
Session 1 (Online: Morning)
Session 2 (In-Person: Full Day)
Session 3 (In-Person: Full Day)
Session 4 (Online: Morning)
In-Person Training Location
New South Wales
Central Coast
South Australia
Training in 2024

Dates and locations have not been set for 2024.

We’re seeking EOIs from applicants all over Australia and will contact you shortly with dates and locations closest to your preference.

A different approach to community-led resilience

  • We support communities to identify and articulate their priorities because resilience doesn’t always come from a plan.

  • We help communities to find their own path to resilience because it looks different in every community. To deliver on their ideas to tackle their unique challenges. We empower communities to take action, activate existing and new partnerships, and navigate and advocate to authorities where required.

  • We mentor leaders to build capacity and teach resilience for an enduring legacy.

  • We seek to work with communities where the need is the greatest.

  • We equip communities to lead collectively and build connections in an environment of empowerment and respect.

  • We amplify the existing wisdom of communities. We acknowledge and respect indigenous wisdom and intergenerational knowledge. 

The Six Step Future Ready Communities Model is a community engagement approach designed to support the true meaning of community-led resilience building.

Millgrove is just ONE of the communities where the Six-Step Future Ready Communities Model has been successful.

Get Involved

Partners – Whether you’re a corporate giant, a small business or a Not for profit, you can get training to lead the conversation, give your resources, time or support to local communities. 

Governments, councils and authorities – Help connect The Resilience Canopy with your community and create positive, long-lasting change.

Or, undertake the Canopy Practitioner Training to empower community voices.

Communities – Led by a trained Practitioner, take part as a group in the six-step process designing and delivering a resilient future for your community.

Or, become a Canopy Collective practitioner and be trained in leading the process for your community.

What is a Resilience Canopy?

Tree canopies play many extraordinary roles, as providers of shade and shelter. As meeting places and as entire ecosystems for life. Trees are symbols of longevity and strength. Trees and their canopies hold great significance to First Nations people. 


A resilience canopy, with strongly connected branches, is something that can be grown together by communities in order to withstand shocks and stressors, and to re-emerge stronger.

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