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Case Studies

CaseStudy_Disaster and Emergency

Assessing Programs For Resilience Benefits

Client: International Council on Mining and Metals

ResilientCo devised a programmatic approach to building a global resilience initiative for the mining sector, through the International Council on Mining and Metals. 

Activities included 

  • Practical considerations of community resilience building for corporate actors 

  • Recommendations on how to develop a global initiative 

  • Identification of existing and potential partners to build the initiative, globally and locally 

  • Ways to assess and consider resilience impacts 

  • Overall program logic and evaluation criteria 

International Council on mining and metals case study mining-principles_line-creek.jpeg
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Facilitating A Multi-Sector Response To The Royal Commission Into Australia’s Natural Disaster Arrangements  

Client: Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience and Safer Communities (ABR) 

Sponsored by the Investor Group on Climate Change and the ABR, ResilientCo worked with the representatives of multiple industry bodies to support a coordinated view of the draft Royal Commission report.


Drawing on our significant knowledge of corporate, government, and not-for-profit sectors, we were able to assist this diverse group to understand common points of interest, shared concerns, and an agreed approach to addressing feedback to the Royal Commission.


Our approach required a high level of facilitation skills designed to achieve a quality level of engagement and outputs through online meetings. 

Case Study Strategy Development

Crisis Management - Strategic Support 

Client: Yarra Ranges Council 

Following the storms of June 2021, ResilientCo worked with the leadership of Yarra Ranges Council to support the immediate strategic response.  

This time-critical work required deep understanding of issues impacting communities during the disaster, the varied roles and responsibilities of critical infrastructure providers and different tiers of government, and how the loss of critical infrastructure is both an immediate challenge to the emergency response, as well as a compounding factor to good recovery.  

In this storm event, communications, road networks, power, water and gas were all impacted for extended periods of time, exacerbated by the impacts and challenges associated with the pandemic.  

Our significant knowledge of emergency events, the requirements of different authorities, departments and tiers of government enabled us to deliver profound and transformative advice even during the ongoing challenges of a protracted emergency event. 

IMG_5109 (1).JPG
Case Study Disaster & Emergency 2

Community Recovery

Client: Upper Murray Community Recovery Committee

We worked with the Upper Murray Community Recovery Committee to support the Committee in identifying, refining and scoping projects that would contribute to the community’s recovery and long-term resilience following the 2019-2020 bushfires. 

Activities included 

  • Working directly with community members to understand their needs 

  • Facilitating workshops 

  • Providing criteria and steering approaches to consider and select projects 

  • Supporting engagement and negotiating arrangements with agencies 

  • Connecting community with external parties that assisted with funding 

  • Guiding the development and production of progress reports 

Community Resilience Building

Responsibility For Delivering Drinking Water Following Emergency Events  

Client: Department of Environment, Land, Water, & Planning  

On behalf of DELWP, ResilientCo prepared and facilitated workshops to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the department, water authorities, and local government authorities in delivering tanked, potable water to households impacted by emergency events.  

The project demanded significant understanding of legislative requirements across State and local government sectors in Victoria, how legislated and mandated roles are fulfilled following emergency events, as well as the ability to facilitate at-times challenging conversations.  

We developed summary reports from each of the workshops, along with recommendations to clarify roles and responsibilities at different points in the relief and recovery journeys. 

Case Study Strategy Development

Crisis Support - Disaster Recovery

Client: Yarra Ranges Council 

Following the 2021 storms that caused significant damage across the Dandenong Ranges, ResilientCo was engaged by Yarra Ranges Council to manage the strategic elements of the recovery establishment, and assist with organisational crisis management.    

This required 

  • Establishing crisis management and recovery structures, systems, plans and actions   

  • Identifying and managing strategic and operational risks.    

  • Guiding executive to establish effective relationships with key agencies (connecting them with the right people)   

  • Facilitation of events for impacted communities   

  • Establishing systems to benefit from the National Disaster Relief Funding Arrangements   

Crisis Leadership

ESG Strategy And Management  

ResilientCo is providing in-house ESG management services for a well-respected international mining company. Our scope of work covers ESG horizon-scanning and issues management, meeting requirements of the International Council of Mining and Metals, including standards associated with the issues of modern slavery, human rights and security standards; data management; and sustainability reporting.   

Our mixture of in-house and consulting experience means that we are able to not just provide market insights and strategic suggestions, but well-balanced and pragmatic approaches to help the company achieve near-term wins and long-term advantages. 

20220509_E Algra_0242.jpg
Case Study ESG Strategy and Policy
Image by Mario Gogh

Supporting Board Strategies 

Client: MMG Limited

ResilientCo is developing a Climate and Resilience strategy for the Board of MMG Limited. 

The work involves considering the climate risks and opportunities across the group’s international operations, engaging across the business, and developing a plan which we will present to the Board in early 2022.  

Our expertise in navigating corporate and board complexities is brought to life in our ability to work across sites in Australia, Latin America and Africa, for a Melbourne headquartered, Hong Kong-listed, Chinese-owned mid-tier mining company.  

Case Study ESG Strategy 2

Emergency Management Planning 

Client: Local Government and Agencies

Legislation was introduced by the Victorian Government in 2020 to provide greater cohesion through integrated arrangements for emergency management planning in Victoria at the state, regional and municipal levels.  


As part of the new legislative requirements, ResilientCo was able to facilitate the development of the Mornington Peninsula Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2021-24 and North West Metropolitan Regional Strategic Fire Management Plan in conjunction with the agencies and municipalities with roles to play in each. 


In each separate project, the respective Committees undertook a process to explore the emergency and fire-related challenges, risks and opportunities in their areas and with ResilientCo developed actions that provided a coordinated approach to managing these risks.  


The design and production of plans is part of the end to end strategy development service offered by ResilientCo, with the ability to provide clear and engaging documents.  


In the case of both Mornington Peninsula Shire and North West Metropolitan Region, the final product is an approved and well-designed publication that looks good and complies with legislative requirements.  

Design & Production
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