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How We Are Involved

Initiatives We Support

ResilientCo’s philosophy is to approach our work with a generosity of spirit.  

We believe in the importance of giving and providing valued support to projects that make a difference in reducing disasters and their impacts.  

Here are a couple of examples of the volunteering work we undertake. 

Firesticks Indigenous Corporation 

We have been actively supporting Indigenous fire practitioners across Australia for more than six years, from supporting the establishment of Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation and the National Indigenous Fire Network, through to managing one of the national Indigenous fire trial sites along with Wurundjeri Elders. Indigenous land management practices are a unique example of ancient wisdom that has the capability to heal land and people, while reducing risks of wildfire.  

Our efforts were recently recognised with our local program named Yarra Ranges Environmental Program of the Year. We also assisted in seeding a $330,000 funding partnership between Suncorp and Firesticks to assist in the development of a national Indigenous fire training system and associated educational resources.  

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Australian Childhood Foundation

On the back of the 2019-20 Black Summer Bushfires, EllisKent was instrumental in the establishment of the ChildSPACE program to support Children to recover from the trauma of disasters.  

We actively seeded and assisted in the establishment of the ACF project, raising more than $500,000 to ensure a trial program could be delivered over two years in the Upper Murray region of Victoria.  

Our intention is that this program grows nationally and becomes a common program to support our most vulnerable after disasters. 

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Regen Melbourne

Formed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Regen Melbourne is a group of passionate people and organisations committing their skills and resources toward a vision that puts the prosperity of people and the planet above all else.  


ResilientCo is pleased to be a supporting partner organisation of Regen Melbourne. Joint Managing Director Toby Kent also contributes as a member of Regen Melbourne’s Advisory Board. 

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Commonwealth Housing Trust 

The Commonwealth Housing Trust (CHT), a UK-registered charity,  assists marginalised communities who are striving to provide themselves with stable and healthy living environments. This includes community-led initiatives, particularly projects in areas with acute housing need. 


Our Joint Managing Director, Toby Kent, helped to establish the Commonwealth Housing Trust while working in Kenya in the early 2000s. Toby continues to support CHT and is currently fund raising to support MWAMKO, a self-help community housing group, who have worked together over many years to secure safe, legal housing outside of the Korogocho informal settlement in Nairobi.  


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