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How We Can Help

Services we provide

Our team of local and global experts work across areas including climate change, strategic communications, disaster and emergency management, environmental social governance, human rights, public health, risk management and sustainable development. 


ESG Strategy and Policy Development

Companies of all sizes are operating in more pressured, more scrutinised, and ever-more complex environments. Having a strong understanding of present and future challenges and clear advice on approaches and systems to navigate them is critical for executive management and Boards. We have been at the forefront of ESG practice, in-house and as advisors, and bring these insights to corporate leadership to help businesses set ESG goals and deliver against them. We also work with investors to establish frameworks and criteria for assessing and managing ESG risks and performance of their investments.  


Independent Reviews for Actionable Outcomes 

Whether at the front end of an advisory project, or as a stand-alone undertaking, we can conduct analysis of operating environments, and independent reviews of policies, procedures, and organisational practices across a range of sectors and functions, locally and internationally. Our experience enables us to go beyond observations to provide clients with actionable insights. 


Disaster and Emergency Management Planning and Practice 

We can help with mitigation and preparedness planning before a disaster hits, or work with you to provide a strategic response, recovery and debriefing after the event.    

We have demonstrated experience in delivering all components across the disaster, risk management, business continuity, and emergency management spectrum.   

This includes disaster and crisis planning at all tiers of government, with corporate businesses, and with communities.   


ResilientCo also offers a dedicated DisasterSmart program, bringing together all the systems, processes and plans you will need to thrive in the face of adversity.    


Community Resilience 

We work with emergency services agencies, government, private, and not-for-profit organisations to help them identify and strengthen community resilience  strategies and programs. We do this through facilitation, workshops, mentoring and training, using our deep understanding of the potential impact of shocks and stresses on communities, and the opportunities for growth in preparing for and recovering from disasters. ResilientCo has established its Future Ready Communities Program that guides facilitators and communities through a six-step process that has proven time and again to build community resilience outcomes. 

Community Resilience Building_2x_edited.

Crisis Leadership

Lead through complexity. We have tailored programs to build knowledge, capability and capacity in senior executives and support people in key sustainability and emergency management roles.   

Get ahead of the curve with executive team workshops to identify and turn long term resilience challenges into opportunities.  

If you need hands on support, our experienced team members can shadow CEO's and senior leadership through major disasters. 


Strategy Development

From corporate sustainability and resilience strategies, to local government council plans and regional and municipal fire plans, we can facilitate and help develop strategies that will provide organisational guidance and tangible outcomes.   

We have deep experience in supporting businesses, not for profit organisations, communities, and government in designing and achieving practical outcomes aligned to business and community priorities.  

Design and Production

Supporting our work with clients in strategy facilitation and development, ResilientCo can provide an end-to-end service that includes design and production. See case studies of publications that we have assisted in developing and drafting and taken through to design and finalisation.  


This includes both emergency and fire management plans, and community recovery plans.    

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