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Yarra Ranges Storm Event

Devastating storms struck communities across Victoria in June 2021, with a profound impact on the communities of the Yarra Ranges.

The frightening storm caused extensive damage to dwellings and trees and the immediate focus was to understand the impact on community and to provide shelter, food and supplies, power and heating to those most in need.

Following the storms, ResilientCo worked with the leadership of Yarra Ranges Council to support the immediate strategic response and recovery.

This time-critical work required deep understanding of issues impacting communities during the disaster, the varied roles and responsibilities of critical infrastructure providers and different tiers of government, and how the loss of critical infrastructure was both an immediate challenge to the emergency response, as well as a compounding factor to good recovery.

In this storm event, communications, road networks, power, water and gas were all impacted for extended periods of time, exacerbated by the impacts and challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions in place at that time.

As a protracted event, response and clean-up, it also had a significant impact on local businesses, which had just begun preparations for the end of travel restrictions and were looking towards the school holiday period, only to be unable to trade due to power loss and road closures from the storm.

ResilientCo team members provided strategic advice and hands on practical support to Council leadership and staff. Working with the dedicated Council staff, our significant knowledge, including of emergency events, the requirements of different authorities, departments and tiers of government all enabled us to deliver profound and transformative advice even during the ongoing challenges of a protracted emergency event.

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