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Equipping you to manage tomorrow’s challenges, TODAY

See how ResilientCo can help with environmental, social and governance strategy, sustainable development, disaster management, and resilience practice.

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About Us

The world is complex and becoming more complicated. ResilientCo Consulting helps decision-makers and people with operational responsibilities to do their jobs better, finding clarity in quiet times and focus in the most challenging.  


As experts in resilience strategy, disaster and risk management, and community resilience practice, the ResilientCo team has professionals with demonstrated extensive subject matter expertise across a range of disciplines.  


We are a values-driven firm, and this is reflected in the way we work as a team together with clients and our colleagues.  


Find out more about the services we offer here and the ResilientCo team here or contact us directly. 

*ResilientCo was formerly known as EllisKent Consulting

Our Services


Organisational Resilience Strategy Development

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Independent Reviews
for Actionable


Training and




Disaster and  Emergency Management Planning and Practice 

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End to End

Our Insights

What Clients Say

"In these highly uncertain times, building resilience is essential for every policymaker, business leader and community. Toby Kent is a leader in the field whose foresight, keen management skills and engaging style delivered the first metropolitan urban resilience strategy in our global  network. I am confident any organisation that seeks to address the complex challenges we face will benefit from his skills."

Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director, Global Resilient Cities Network

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