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Building Capability and Capacity

We recently concluded a detailed program of work over three years to enhance the capability and capacity of Gannawarra Shire Council’s Emergency Management functions.

From October to December 2022, close to the start of the project, Gannawarra experienced significant compounding flooding events, cementing the need for the Council to enhance its EM functions in the face of future shocks and stresses. 

The program of work delivered the following key outputs: 

• Workforce Management in Emergencies Guidelines 

• Workforce & Emergencies Policy 

• Crisis Management Framework 

• Flood Response Operational Manual / Guidelines 

• Municipal Emergency Management Plan Review 

• Training: Large Scale ERC Exercise 


We thank the team at Gannawarra Shire Council for working with us so closely over the previous three years to build the maturity of the organisation in the EM space.  

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