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Outcomes that matter - mining for emergency management gold

Legislation changes in Victoria are providing the opportunity for Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committees to become truly multi-agency and collaborative.

Under the emergency management planning changes, the MEMPC’s are to transition from a Council-committee to a multi-agency one, and we’ve been working with a few committees to facilitate the re-set.

Recently we had the pleasure of facilitating an in-person workshop with the Surf Coast Shire Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee members.

The focus was to explore and strengthen the governance structure, purpose, function and membership under the new legislation, and to gain clarity on the transition from a Council committee to a multi-agency committee.

The workshop explored the purpose and role of the MEMPC going forward; essentially, looking into what’s working, and what’s not, as well as strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The representation of agencies in the session resulted in rich conversations and bits of gold that will inform how the committee’s strengths and enablers can be built on.

ResilientCo’s part in this was to help facilitate those great discussions, pull out those bits of gold from the experience in the room, and help build an action plan the MEMPC membership can use to inform future activities.

We love a productive workshop, and all credit to those in the room. Just goes to show what can be achieved when agencies come together with a shared goal of building resilience before, during and after emergencies.

Want to know more about ? Feel free to reach out to the ResilientCo team.


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