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Going for Green Star

ResilientCo is working with a mixed-use property group that is redefining retail centres in Australia’s growth areas. We were drawn to this organisation by their aspirations to drive real value to the communities around them through delivering high-quality, destinational centres to regions that will support long-term population growth. 


We are working with our client to deliver a Community Resilience Plan for their latest development. This plan considers their aspirations to support communities and aligns to the Community Resilience credit requirements from Green Star.  


Green Star aims to build a framework for best practices around sustainable and resilient buildings, as well as communities​. In 2020, Green Star Building released eight categories representing key issues that will define the next decade of the built environment. One key issue is resilience and the ability of the built environment to bounce back from short-term shocks and long-term stresses.  


In developing the plan, ResilientCo is working with our client and specifically the project team for the development to  

  • Understand the surrounding communities and demographics 

  • Specifically consider vulnerable segments of the community – who may be disproportionately impacted in the event of a disaster 

  • Identify and prioritise the chronic stresses and acute shocks likely to impact and shape the asset 

  • Consider physical and non-physical actions to manage these impacts and develop these into initiatives  


Understanding the characteristics and needs of the community and particularly vulnerable segments is core to developing a robust plan that enables the entire community can survive, adapt and thrive in the face of a diverse set of identified risks.  


This process is providing the basis for the client and ResilientCo to collaboratively develop goals and objectives that are aligned with the business’s ESG framework and existing sustainability strategies.  


These goals and objectives together with the needs analysis of the community, articulation of shocks and stresses that impact the building’s ability to service the community, and responses to manage these collectively form the development’s Community Resilience Plan.  


If your business could benefit from a Community Resilience Plan, drop us a line at  

Image: Via Unsplash


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