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Mustering for Millgrove

Millgrove, a small but mighty town in the Yarra Valley is having a Muster during 27-29 April.

The Millgrove Muster will bring together volunteers over three days to clean up various walking track sections along the Yarra River including the Dee Road Walking Track. Activities on the day will include the removal of branches, weeds and rubbish and restoration of the track. 

The Millgrove Residents Action Group (MRAG) with members from the Minderoo Foundation, Connecting Communities Australia, ResilientCo and Yarra Ranges Council came together recently to plan logistics and scope out activities that will take place.

The plan for the Millgrove Muster has come through partnerships formed through the development of the Millgrove Community Resilience Plan, facilitated with MRAG by ResilientCo under a program with AIDR and the Minderoo Resilient Communities Mission.

The Australian Resilience Corps is getting in behind the Millgrove Muster.

For more information about Resilience Corps and to sign up for the Millgrove muster

If you can offer specialist equipment, tools or skills you can also get in touch with MRAG


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