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Leading in Disaster Recovery

Leadership in recovery is different. Leading in Disaster Recovery A Companion Through the Chaos is a New Zealand Red Cross developed document that brings together wisdom, lessons, practical strategies of those who have experienced recovery.

As the guide says, " Leadership in recovery is different. It is chaotic, where black and white becomes many shades of grey. It will require more from you as a leader than any other role you’ve ever had. It’s a horrible opportunity. You will think harder and faster. You will do more, feel more, learn more than ever before. It will require all the skills you have and all the skills you don’t yet have. Recovery is not business as usual. It is challenging on every level and deserves superb leadership."

Many communities and organisations across Australia and the world are in or entering recovery.

The ResilientCo team like to provide this as a guide for those who havn’t been through it before, and as a valuable reminder for those who have.

It has 9 key messages:

  • Having a noble purpose

  • Being ethical

  • Being intentional

  • Making decisions

  • Leading with empathy

  • Being innovative

  • Supporting the team

  • Prioritising self care

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