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Integrated, local mitigation planning

The Cardinia Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee (MFMPC) has a new fire management plan in place to help guide multi-agency mitigation-focussed activities for the next three years.

CFA engaged ResilientCo to support two fire management planning committees in the development of their municipal fire management plans and a contemporary planning template as part of its support for the sector’s fire mitigation activities.

Cardinia, as one of the largest and fastest growing municipalities in Melbourne with a range of challenges when it comes to managing fire-related risks, was one of the municipalities identified to undergo the process.

Through the development of the Plan, the Cardinia Committee undertook a process to explore the fire-related challenges, risks and opportunities within the municipality in order to apply a coordinated approach to managing those risks.  

Using the experience of the multi-agency Committee members and stakeholders to develop goals and actions that would make a difference for the municipality, the plan aims for a consistent and effective risk-based approach.

Thanks to the Cardinia Committee for the engagement and wisdom members brought to the development process. The Committee is chaired by Cardinia Shire Council and members include CFA, FRV, DELWP, Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water, Department of Transport and Victoria Police.


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