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Building a pathway to resilience in Millgrove

It’s been a pleasure to support the Millgrove community and all the volunteers who have pitched in to support the April Millgrove Muster.

A power of work has been completed, and the members of the Millgrove Residents Action Group, who are the drivers of it, were a little overwhelmed at the amount of people willing to help.

Here, ResilientCo Managing Director Brett Ellis shares his thoughts on building resilience:

Over the past 16 months or so, the community members in MRAG have been working with the support of the Minderoo Foundation and the ResilientCo team to identify how they can help the community to be prepared for, and hopefully reduce the impact of, any future flood and fire disasters.

The physical work of removing weeds and dry fuels and replanting more appropriate vegetation will reduce the fire risk and increase the preparedness of the area for the threat of fire. And the formalisation of a walking track through the trees will strengthen connection.

The work brings pride to the community in their natural surroundings, and enjoyment to visitors.

But it’s not just a clean up. It’s contributing to something bigger, a project that is designed to lift the resilience of the community.

“Building resilience” in a community can mean many things, but the fundamental resilience characteristics that will support a community through future shocks and stresses with this project include:

  • Connection to people

  • Connection to people of influence (people able to support from outside the community when needed)

  • Connection to Country – to nature including the old mana gums and swamp gums that stand tall and provide habitat and protection to the river

  • Sense of pride in place

  • Building social capital

  • Mental health

  • Physical health

The Millgrove Muster has brought the community closer together, and brought volunteers from far and wide who are proud to be supporting the little town that could.

It’s a project that helps build social capital, health, physical and mental wellbeing, connection to Country and to each other. Past the three days of the Muster, Millgrove gains a healthier more resilient natural environment that encourages people to be in and use.

Thanks to those who have gotten in behind the Muster and support the Millgrove community in their big projects.


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