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Breaking down CREW

A poster that describes four key community characteristics
Four key community characteristics

The ResilientCo Six-Step Future Ready Communities Model is underpinned by four key community resilience characteristics: connection, respect, empowerment, and wisdom, also known as CREW.

At the heart of this work is a commitment to empowering communities, assisting them to influence their own destinies, and ensuring that communities will be better equipped to deal with the most challenging circumstances.

There’s no blanket approach to resilience building in communities and success will look different in each.

However, no matter where a community is along the steps, building CREW will always be important.

“Equipping communities to lead collectively, build connections, and grow wisdom in an environment of empowerment and respect”

What CREW looks like:

Connection: Social connection has a critical role in creating communities that are resilient to shocks and stresses that we cannot even imagine now. Professor Daniel Aldrich stresses the importance of having connection and trust that exist both horizontally (those with neighbors and friends) and vertically (those with people of influence or power) to help people survive and thrive during shocks and disasters. Essentially, it is about learning to support, and be supported.

Respect and Inclusion: The circle of respect; give respect and receive respect, it is as simple as that. Create respect within the room to ensure that everyone is listening to all those involved.

Empowerment: Create the space and opportunities for community to step up to the plate and solve their own challenges. What communities need most is the removal of barriers, and the autonomy to act.

Wisdom: Build the wisdom in the room. Wisdom is beyond knowledge. Rather, it is creating community capacity to act with insight and experience and the ability to practice good judgment.

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