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Resilience building in communities by communities

It was great to hear Millgrove Resident Action Group President Maureen Halit on the Council Connections program for Yarra Valley FM recently talking about the work being done by the community for the community in resilience building.

Millgrove is part of a nationwide project funded by the Minderoo Foundation that promotes community-led resilience to natural hazards. Supported by the Australian Institute of Disaster Response (AIDR) and the team at ResilientCo, the Millgrove Resident Action Group (MRAG) have been asked to dream big and are being supported to pull together a plan with small and large projects designed to lift Millgrove’s resilience.

MRAG is a passionate, active voice in their community ready to be heard. They have a number of projects already under their belt and more to come.

We’re proud to be supporting this community. Thanks to podcast host Michael Goodrich for the invite to talk to the project.

For more about the project and the work of MRAG listen to the Council Connections program -

Image credit: MRAG Facebook page of Mount Little Joe


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