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Nobody panic!

Leading in a crisis can be tough. In local government, examples of this could be a disaster, a reputation issue, an organisation issue.  Or all of this together.  


Knowing your role and your team helps. We've been working with a couple of local government clients to deliver Crisis Management Leadership Training.

We recently tailored a training program for a Council that included the Executive Leadership Team and a number of key senior staff across emergency management, business continuity and risk management.  


Using a scenario-based exercise to testing thinking and processes, the session focused on exploring the role of the Council with the following specific topics covered:

  • Local risks, reflections on past emergencies and roles

  • Connecting business continuity and emergency management

  • Clarifying backfill arrangements in emergencies for key roles

  • Confirming communications protocols in emergencies  

This provided an insight for the Executive and key staff to understand their own role and what they needed to be able to acquit the function. 


Drop us a line if you would like to know more about our Crisis Management Framework or Leadership Training. 


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