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Navigating the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) domain

Companies of all sizes are operating in more pressured, more scrutinised, and ever-more complex environments.

Having a strong understanding of present and future challenges and clear advice on approaches and systems to navigate them in the environmental social governance (ESG) domain is critical for executive management and Boards.

We have been providing in-house ESG management services for a well-respected international mining company.

Our scope of work has covered ESG horizon-scanning and issues management, meeting requirements of the International Council of Mining and Metals, including standards associated with the issues of modern slavery, human rights and security standards; data management; and sustainability reporting.   

Our mixture of in-house and consulting experience means that we are able to not just provide market insights and strategic suggestions, but well-balanced and pragmatic approaches to help the company achieve near-term wins and long-term advantages. 

If your organisation needs a refreshed or new focus on ESG, get in touch at


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