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Meet the team at ResilientCo

Two of Australia’s pre-eminent experts in community resilience, emergency management, sustainable development and environmental management have joined forces.

Brett Ellis and Toby Kent are the founders of EllisKent Consulting (now ResilientCo), a business designed to support government, corporate and not for profit organisations in increasing emergency preparedness and Environmental Social Governance outcomes.

ResilientCo brings a track record of strategic thinking and change management, and 30 years of expertise and tactical know how through its specialist consultants.

The team at ResilientCo is growing fast. The expertise of its consultants and partners spans the areas of climate change, communications, emergency management, ESG, human rights, public health, risk management, and sustainable development.

Most importantly this is a values-driven organisation, and the team is passionate about achieving the best outcomes for community and clients.

Want to know more? Check out the case studies of some of the work the team has recently undertaken here and the team members here.

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