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Meet the RCO team - Tia Baptista

Tia's specialty: I specialise in project management and stakeholder engagement; both firmly grounded within the disaster resilience and community sector. This means I closely monitor project deliverables and work directly with clients to ensure outcomes are met (and everyone is happy!). My multicultural background has given me a unique perspective of cultural diversity, cross-cultural competence and inclusion which I apply to all the work I do.

Experience: I have a multidisciplinary background in politics and international studies alongside linguistics and community engagement. My expertise lies in fostering community connection and resilience through holistic approaches in which creative thinking and analytical skills are leveraged in order to avoid ineffective, blanket approaches being applied to the diversity of communities. My expertise in this subject matter has been fostered through my passion of cultural exchange and connecting communities through two-way flows of information, starting at the grassroots level. I also work with local governments, community and stakeholders to understand various risk profiles, and work directly with community to identify options for enhanced resilience over time. I am also an experienced linguist, specialising in Mandarin!

Favourite music era: Early 2000s all the way

What do you like most about working at ResilientCo? Working alongside the depth and breadth of skills within our team is the highlight for me, I am always learning and there is never a dull moment! Positive social impact lies at the heart of all we do, for me, being able to contribute to this makes working that much more important, and special.

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