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Meet the RCO team - Shannon Bakker

Specialty: Strategic communication and engagement is my speciality. It really means that I try and get the message across about complex or seemingly unconnected things to people in a way that really connects with what they care about. A lot of that is about listening to and understanding what matters for people.

Experience: I’ve got an extensive background with State Government Emergency communications and engagement, and have worked with local governments, universities and peak bodies. Through my own business, I began consulting in branding and narrative work with ‘for purpose’ organisations because I’m all about good storytelling for good reasons.

Favourite music era: The 90s had it all – Seattle Alternative, Aussie Rock, R&B and catchy pop.

How do you wind down after a busy day? I sit with my 4 year old to do arts and crafts and colouring, while trying to get her to eat veggies.

What do you like most about working with ResilientCo in your specialty? I get a big buzz out of helping people articulate exactly what they’re trying to say in a simple and effective way. Working with ResilientCo means I can do that with communities who need someone to help them amplify their voice.


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