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Meet the RCO team - Natalie Staaks

Specialty: I’m a crisis and disaster resilience specialist. That means I work with clients and communities across a number of usually community-focussed projects in strategic planning, development and implementation. It also means I work at the pointy end of disaster response and crisis management when things are – or could – go wrong, supporting communities and partners for better outcomes.

Experience: I have spent more than 20 years in state and local government implementing community change programs. A decade of that is in the Victorian emergency management sector, leading community-focussed whole of government engagement efforts while driving policy and operational changes. More than two years supporting local government in COVID-19 communication and strategy, and now working with a range of clients on things that matter including community recovery in local government.

Favourite music era: It’s 80s all the way. Without the perm (nowadays anyway) and the fluro.

How do you wind down after a busy day? Shaking it off with a walk and face-timing the chatterbox nieces.

What do you like most about working at ResilientCo? The ResilientCo team has a big focus on supporting each other and having a laugh. In the disaster resilience space you never stop learning, but having the chance to work in a field I’m passionate about with smart, good people – team members and stakeholders alike – is a real joy.


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