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Meet the RCO team - Mirna Arivalagan

Mirna's specialty:

I’m a data and analytics specialist. What this means is that I am able to gather information from various sources and interpret patterns and trends turning them into insights to support business improvements and decision making. I specialise in the areas of data management, data visualisation and predictive analytics. I help businesses by developing processes around managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of their data, and with this data available, I am able to present the data to support decision making in visual data dashboards for ease of interpretability. Using the available data a business has, I can build models to forecast and predict trends and changes a business may go through.

Experience: I have 7 years of experience working with NGOs helping them better manage their datasets. Across those years, I’ve worked on projects that developed my data wrangling, data management and data migration skills. Also, through my years, I’ve developed a passion for data visualisation where I can turn complex data into a more easily digestible format for stakeholders to use as a tool to support their decision-making process. I am also passionate about using data and machine learning technologies to forecast and predict changes within the business.

Favourite music era:

60s jazz music! & 2000s electronic music.

How do you wind down after a busy day?

A short walk in the nearby reserve!

What do you like most about working at ResilientCo?

We have a really supportive team here at ResilientCo, my team members are always happy to step in and help when needed and we’re good at collaborating and learning from each other. The clients that we have at ResilientCo are great to work with, they’re genuinely passionate about bringing about social change and care about working in a more sustainable way.


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