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Meet the RCO team - Laura Buchanan

We're excited to welcome Laura Buchanan to the ResilientCo team this week as a Senior Disaster Resilience Specialist.

Laura has more than 15 years professional experience in roles including emergency management, food relief, project and volunteer management, humanitarian entry, reconciliation and social inclusion.

She has facilitated high impact community resilience building and emergency planning at the local government level and led change management in response to legislative amendments. She played a key role in the Pandemic Planning Committee at Pyrenees Shire Council in her role as Emergency Management Coordinator and Deputy Municipal Emergency Management Officer.

Laura is passionate about a holistic approach to community resilience that incorporates sound emergency management planning underpinned by strong social and economic participation and environmental sustainability.

In her most recent role as Coordinator Reconciliation and Social Inclusion at City of Ballarat, she worked across a variety of business units across the organisation to build resilience amongst priority groups identified in the Council’s Health and Wellbeing Plan and Inclusion Framework.

Welcome to Laura!

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