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Meet the RCO team - Brett Ellis

Name: Brett Ellis Specialty: Resilience building in organisations and communities. Helping others to think outside the square. Bringing systems thinking to disaster management and doing things better. Experience: I’ve worked as a senior executive in state and local government, community organisations and small businesses in areas as diverse as emergency management, public safety, environmental management, risk management and societal resilience. During my career I’ve held strategic planning, culture change and operational roles in organisations that support communities. I’ve designed and implemented major change management programs in both local government and Emergency Management Victoria after major disasters. Now as the Managing Director of ResilientCo, I work with a great team of people, collaborators and clients. My focus is always on supporting organisations and communities to use the skills they have and build resilience. While my experience during disasters has shaped my approach to resilience building, resilience is not limited to disaster events and neither is the work we do.

Favourite music era: I love exploring new artists but always keep coming back to the late 80's How do you wind down after a busy week? Around the outdoor fire (on the farm) with family and friends What do you like most about the work you do through ResilientCo? Having the ability to create long-term solutions to the gaps that exist within the current thinking and systems. I am enjoying building a team of great people and working with dedicated clients. Our work is challenging, always fresh and exciting.

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