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Local government in partnership

Recently the ResilientCo team headed out to Colac to conduct a tabletop discussion exercise with the Otway District Emergency Management Collaboration.

The Collaboration is a partnership between Colac Otway Shire, Surf Coast Shire and Corangamite Shire.

This most recent exercise was the second phase of a collaborative project across the three municipalities that helped each to consider and plan for response and recovery activations across a range of scenarios.

The aim of the exercise was to provide a realistic picture of what roles would be needed and the possible short and longer term impacts on staff so the teams in the three municipalities could understand how they might use their strong partnership to support each other and their communities in recovery efforts.

The team at ResilientCo has developed a series of tools and resources to assist in determining workforce requirements, and help organisations better understand the roles and functions required for an effective response and recovery.

One of the resources includes a series of playbooks and cards developed as an easy-to-use tool to support the allocation of key functions, roles, and tasks during an emergency event. It helps emergency management leaders to quickly assess and determine the functions, roles and tasks that might need to be considered for a large crisis event.

Thanks to the three council teams for their enthusiasm and keenness in undertaking the exercise. It prompted great discussions.

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