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Kindness in resilience

Rebecca Jones, our New South Wales regional manager, recently found herself reflecting on importance of being kind and why it absolutely counts in community resilience.  


Four reasons why kindness counts in building community resilience:


  1. Kindness strengthens our relationships with others. Strong and connected communities will be more resilient in the face on adversity.

  2. Kindness can help vulnerable people in communities be more seen and understood. Recognising vulnerabilities and inclusion is crucial to resilience building.

  3. Kindness is a practice that boost wellbeing, the more you do it, the better you feel and the more the kindness in community grows.

  4. Kindness to yourself and selfcare are important. By better recognising and meeting our own needs we increases our capacity to support others on their own resilience journey.  

On behalf of us all at ResilientCo we want to recognise and offer kindness to those individuals and communities who have not had the festive, restful nor peaceful break they were expecting and are once again facing adversity.  

Please reach out if you need our assistance in 2024, our team are here to help.


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