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Introducing The Resilience Canopy

ResilientCo is proud to be a founding partner of The Resilience Canopy.

Alongside partners Minderoo Foundation and Resilient Cities Catalyst, we’ve been developing The Resilience Canopy as a new, nationwide movement to build strong and challenge ready communities.

Moving beyond disaster preparation, The Resilience Canopy works with communities that are ready to become more resilient to future shocks and stressors.  

We support and train communities to lead their own journey to challenge-readiness, and then connect them with partners in the public and private sector who can help implement their vision.

We do this by connecting a whole community of practice – communities, partners and resilience practitioners - around a six-step engagement model that empowers communities to determine what their version of resilience looks like and the actions that will deliver.

The program will start to come to life over the next few months:

🔹Our first 25 Canopy Communities will be practical examples of ‘how to build resilience’, providing guidance, learnings and inspiration to other communities.

🔹2000 trained community resilience practitioners will be able to lead conversations in their own communities.

🔹200 partners from across the business, government and non-profit sector will support community actions by providing their time, donations or expertise.

🔹Each will continue to teach and share their resilience building knowledge and skills within their own communities, passing on wisdom to equip future generations to better deal with unexpected natural events and challenges.

If you’re interested to know more:

Follow the Resilience Canopy LinkedIn page


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