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Strengthening Capability in Communities

A collaborative program aims to strengthen the capability of an ‘at risk’ community to respond to future shocks and stresses such as fire, floods and climate change.

The Australian Institute of Disaster Response (AIDR) and the team at ResilientCo have partnered to deliver a program under the Minderoo Foundation’s Resilient Communities mission, that promotes community-led resilience to natural hazards.

The robust new approach combines AIDR’s knowledge and educational resources with ResilientCo's six-step Future Communities model.

Alongside these resources, a designated specialist is supporting a specific community for 15 months to help facilitate a community-led resilience program that will equip them with knowledge and access to resources to better understand risk and plan for emergencies.

Image used: Kingslake and surrounding communities host bush fire recovery events on 19 July, 2009. Photo Credit: Raoul Wegat via Getty Images

Read more here about the project :


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