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From Recovery to Resilience

There were some wonderfully robust discussions at Inverleigh Hall recently with community members, agencies and Council as part of Golden Plains Shire Council’s ‘Recovery to Resilience’ project. 


Funded by Emergency Recovery Victoria, these sessions are vital to ensuring that the experiences from emergency events, in this case the flooding of October 2022, are converted into learnings that will enhance community resilience over the long term. 


With climate change continuing to enhance the severity and likelihood of these kind of events, this collaboration is so important.  


Thanks to everyone that attended and contributed so passionately. It makes our job so exciting and worthwhile. 


We look forward to the upcoming Community Emergency Hub session, where we will work with residents to ensure they are best placed to safely support their communities in the event of an emergency. 


With thanks to the Golden Plains team and our facilitator Laura Buchanan. 

If you're interested in knowing more, drop us a line at  

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