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Emergency Management Planning

Legislation was introduced by the Victorian Government in 2020 to provide greater cohesion through integrated arrangements for emergency management planning in Victoria at the state, regional and municipal levels. 

As part of the new legislative requirements, ResilientCo was able to facilitate the development of the Mornington Peninsula Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2021-24 and North West Metropolitan Regional Strategic Fire Management Plan in conjunction with the agencies and municipalities with roles to play in each.

In each separate project, the respective Committees undertook a process to explore the emergency and fire-related challenges, risks and opportunities in their areas and with EllisKent developed actions that provided a coordinated approach to managing these risks. 

The design and production of plans is part of the end to end strategy development service offered by ResilientCo, with the ability to provide clear and engaging documents.

In the case of both Mornington Peninsula Shire and North West Metropolitan Region, the final product is an approved and well-designed publication that looks good and complies with legislative requirements.


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