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Data as a storyteller, not just a report

A multinational corporation contracted ResilientCo on two separate projects to help them with data management and quality challenges.

ResilientCo was brought in to review and help the organisation understand why existing reports were not producing expected results.

Our audit found the system used to capture data was no longer fit for purpose, and inconsistencies with data collection and collation processes across key sites was contributing to quality issues.

We recommended an update to the management system to support visualization of data to aid in quality checks, an improved governance and auditing process and streamlined processes for data collection.

ResilientCo was then asked to support implementation of some of the recommendations.

ResilientCo lead a data working group to source required data collaboratively between technical and non technical teams, driving the development of methodology and mentoring technical developers.

All business units are now equipped with a tool that they can use to monitor their data quality regularly, and provide greater insights on the organisation’s data.

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