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Building capability and capacity

We've been lucky enough to work with Mornington Peninsula Shire on a couple of occasions as council looks to build its capability and capacity in crisis and emergency management.

Over the past few years Mornington Peninsula has been hit with storm and flood events where staff have had to mobilise to support their communities, businesses and the organisation itself.

We've been asked to come in and review the structures, processes and planning in place, as well as undertaking an after action review after an incident, most recently of the flood and landslide event late last year.

After action reviews can be a really important way to mark challenges as well as opportunities for change, and to highlight growing maturity in an organisation's approach to crisis management, business continuity and emergency management.

In Mornington Peninsula's case we've been able to see a great journey of maturity as they continue to be open to education and improvement and doing things differently.

Along with a series of interviews with key team members we held an after action review workshop with staff a few months ago and the energy in the room and the openness was great to see.

The recommendations and observations that have come from that review indicate Mornington Peninsula Shire Council is on the right path, and has the right focus on being prepared.

Thanks to the team and the organisation for working with us.


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