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Tia Baptista

Project Coordinator

Tia is an experienced linguist specializing in Mandarin. Throughout her career, Tia has exceled in critical analysis and qualitative research methodology that focuses on evaluating information based on social factors.  She has a strong interest in contemporary Indigenous public policy and has developed a passion for facilitating community connection and resilience through holistic approaches. 

She is the resident expert in policy design where she has applied creative thinking and analytical skills to implement different governance changes and contemporary issues into EllisKent processes, procedures, and frameworks. Tia is passionate about cultural exchange and connecting communities and institution through two-way flow of information.  

Tia holds a Diploma of Languages in Chinese and is currently finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Politics and International Studies. In addition to her degree, she has experience in project management, including project monitoring and evaluation, and working directly with clients to achieve agreed outcome. 

Tia Baptista
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