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Maree Grenfell


Maree is an accomplished change strategist with a track record of over 20-years across community, private and government sectors. Her expertise is in facilitating, designing, delivering and successfully implementing innovative solutions with and for broad audiences. From co-founding impactful organisations such as Cultivating Community, to developing and leading teams within local councils as diverse as Cairns Regional Council and the City of Melbourne, Maree has developed award winning approaches for approaches to climate change, sustainability and resilience. For six years, Maree was the Deputy Chief Resilience Officer for Melbourne as part of the Rockefeller, 100 Resilient Cities Program.  

Founder and Director of Once upon tomorrow, Maree’s work focuses on complex multi-stakeholder initiatives and pioneering projects to build capability, confidence and collaborative capacity at a community, city and national level. Drawing on an eclectic background including urban design, sustainability and resilience, social psychology and systems thinking, Maree creates and delivers transformational programs that shift mindsets and practice for improved sustainability, inclusive communities, disaster resilience and resilient environments.  

Maree Grenfell
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