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John Deering

Senior Associate Crisis Management and Training

John Deering is a senior Victorian emergency management leader with significant experience in stakeholder management, training and crisis response.   

As an Assistant Chief Fire Officer with CFA North and West Metro Region, he’s used to facilitating solutions to complex operational and strategic issues across the emergency management and humanitarian sector.  

During a 30 year career in emergency management, he has led the response to major incidents across Victoria including through bushfire disasters like Black Saturday and major floods including the October 2022 flood event. 

He has lead teams in preparedness, response and recovery as well as across strategic projects designed to boost capability development, intelligence gathering and resourcing. 

As Manager Emergency Management with the then Department of Health and Human Services North Division John was able to bring his emergency management experience and team building background. 

He is an operational member of a CFA volunteer brigade and remains heavily involved in community support programs local to him. 

John Deering
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