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David Younger

Clinical Pyschologist

David Younger Psychology

David Younger is a Melbourne-based clinical psychologist and a disaster preparedness and recovery consultant. In 2009, the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires came close to where he was living and working, and as a result he became deeply involved in treating and supporting survivors.  

David is a clinical psychologist with over 16 years’ experience in private practice, supporting adults and young people across a broad range of mental health challenges. In his work as a natural disaster and emergency recovery consultant, David partners with communities, agencies, as well as local and state government across Australia.  

He has been a trusted advisor after numerous events including bushfires, floods, droughts, cyclones, the 2017 Bourke Street tragedy, thunderstorm asthma, and COVID-19. David describes his approach as one of warmth and compassion. He says that a main aim is to form a partnership with everyone he meets - to walk their journey with them. 

David is an Honorary Fellow (Clinical) at Melbourne University (Children and Disasters Advisory Committee) and is a member of the Department of Fairness Families & Housing (DFFH) Emergency Services Panel.  

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