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Designing for your worst-case plausible scenario

When we design exercises for local government and corporate clients, we’re looking for the most plausible, worst case scenario that will stretch participants and the structures they’re running.

It’s not a “test”, but it’s designed to be challenging, to give a realistic view of what might happen, and be an eye opener to those challenges.

Recently the ResilientCo team ran an exercise for Bass Coast Shire Council using a scenario that tested its emergency management, crisis management and business continuity functions.

Depending on the size and nature of a disaster or crisis, organisations might need to run one, or all three functions as part of the response. If these functions are designed separately, don’t talk to each other and have no integration, a response to an incident will be less than optimal and potentially cause internal and external confusion, reputation damage and/or less cohesive support for the community.

Team Bass Coast enthusiastically rose to the challenge last week and the exercise provided both reassurance and things Council wants to work on.

Highlighting those things early is a great result, and this Council is full steam ahead.

- February 2023

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